We are an incubator fund exclusively investing in the cannabis industry.

What we do

We invest in strategically positioned companies operating in normalized cannabis markets. Our partners offer unique value propositions and are run by forward thinking entrepreneurs, looking to increase the value and market share of their businesses as the normalization of cannabis continues.

Why partner with NORTHBUD?

We’re building a unique portfolio of cannabis company holdings and strategically positioning for the Cannabinoid Infused Food & Beverage Market.

Industry news

What Is The Best Way To Decarboxylate (Decarb) Cannabis?

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What Is The Best Way To Decarboxylate (Decarb) Cannabis? Article via: WeedNews.Co Few things are…

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Powdered Weed May Change the Game Forever

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Powdered weed may change the game forever Article via: Merry Jane Powdered cannabis edibles have…

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Wading into the spin-offs from weed

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Wading into the spin-offs from weed Article via: Lowdown Don’t be fooled by Chelsea’s newest…

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Making money from marijuana

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Making money from marijuana Article via: Press Reader The ancillary cannabis industry, including technology and…

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